If you could only use one beauty product for the rest of your life, what would it be? I asked myself that same question and although mascara immediately came to mind, I think I’ll go with blush. A dash of color on my cheekbones just makes the biggest difference, and although it’s not about trends at all, I do have some blush favorites up my sleeve.

MAC sheertone blush in Peaches. (in the front) The perfect blush for the most perfect sun kissed cheeks. This coral number with slight red undertones also compliments my red hair, that turns even more red in the summer sun.

MAC powder blush in Fun Ending. (in the back) Although the name suggest it’s all about happy endings, that is not at all what is going on here. Limited edition is fun, but if that limited edition ends up being your ultimate favorite, you are screwed. Which is exactly what happened to me with this cool-toned friend, that is probably the most natural looking blush I ever stumbled upon.

Sheertone blush Peaches, MAC;  Powder blush Fun Ending, MAC. 

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Beauty essentials


Sharing my beauty favorites with you today. A list of favorites that seems to grow every week. I can’t help it, but make-up is fascinating me lately. Highlighter for one, changed my life.

I would not call myself creative, make-up wise. I kind of always create the same look in the morning. This ritual contains just four products, enough to give me that little extra. I start of with mascara and powder to shape my eyebrows and finish with blush and highlighter on my cheekbones.

Now you could say using a highlighter is cheating, but isn’t it all? I recently bought MAC Lightscapade and it is so subtle, not to shimmery and glittery, just natural enough.

My blush on the other hand, is not every day the same. I do like experimenting a bit with a different blushtint, so I regularly switch between both warm and cool tones. Although, I have my favorites. I do tend to grab MAC fun ending and MAC peaches automatically.

As much as I like experimenting with make-up, experimenting with different brands however, not so much. I love my MAC blushes, anything MAC really, and I want no other mascara than Le Volume De Chanel.

Not included in my daily routine, because it depends on my mood, are lipstick and nailpolish. I do tend to wear both on a regular basis, but the colors change as fast as you can say Ruby Woo.

Lipsticks MAC from left to right, Russian Red, Chili, So Chaud, Kinda Sexy, Please me.

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Signature scent

Although I would love to have a fragrance no one else is wearing, I just can’t resist this one. I do believe the entire female population is familiar with this scent, and with good reason. Flowerbomb is exactly what it promises, a floral explosion. A perfume that literally gives me butterflies.

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Shades of red


Some say I’m privileged with both having red locks and curls, but I rather call it a burden. The color is something I’m proud of, but those frizzy curls bother me most of the time. Experimenting with my hair is not something I do often though, mainly because of my fear of the hairdresser, therefore I like to play around with different make-up to spice everything up a bit. I’m not a make-up artist, but I do think this dark shade of red compliments the tone of my hair. 

Lipstick, MAC Chili.

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