Postcard from Thailand

The past three weeks I spend in Thailand might already count as the most adventurous weeks I have ever had. Not only because of the completely different culture I find myself in, but also because of the wildlife experiences. I already challenged myself to sit near wild monkeys – who look adorable on photo but tend to be a bit scary in real life – and took the plunge – literally – out in the ocean to see some of the colorful fish. I found myself to be a bit more of a daredevil than I thought before.

The upcoming weeks there won’t be a whole lot of fashion on ModedAmorie, but don’t worry there will be when I get home in a few months. In the meantime I’ll try to update you on my travel adventures every once in a while and share my most favorite places around here. Just in case you’ll ever want to visit Asia, who knows – maybe I’ll get you exited.

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Summer story


It’s officially fall – time flies! – and while I’m ready for a new season, it’s always hard to leave summer behind. So today I share my favorite summer snapshots – even if it’s just to keep the last bit’s of summer alive.

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Happy Birthday to me!

Today marks my 23th birthday and although I hate getting older, I love celebrating my birthday. I love the dressing up part, the annual get together with the family and the unlimited cheesecake – of course.

This last year involved a lot of celebrating actually. I celebrated finishing college, moving into my own apartment and – also today – the first year of ModeDamorie. 

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Editor’s letter, real or fake

Last week I had what they call a sudden realization. It dawned on me that I don’t shop as much highstreet as I used to, and as much as I want to tell myself that, that’s not a bad thing, I have come to realize that the boundaries for what I am easily willing to pay for a jacket or a pair of shoes are slowly fading. That is where things go wrong.

For instant, a few months ago I totally went nuts when a new collection at Zara got revealed. Now I even pass there store most of the time. I tried to convince myself it is because it’s better to safe money for a specific something, more quality or something exclusive, but I think I got a bit blinded by labels along the way.

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