To buy or not to buy

Lately I have been giving the five piece French wardrobe thing much consideration. I do feel the importance of buying something that you really love, and not  only for a few months, but for the long run. The reason why I did not already gave it a shot is because, I have to be honest with you, I really am a compulsive buyer. I fall in love with plenty of things quite easily. The hard part is, that I find it extremely difficult to leave something behind to think about it a bit longer, instead of buying it immediately.

For the ones of you that have no idea of what the five piece French wardrobe actually means, let me explain. The rules are simple: you are only allowed to buy five new pieces of clothes per season; basics do not count as such and neither do accessories, shoes and bags however do. But while the rules sound simple, my first attempt at applying them already failed.

Because five pieces still sound a little extreme, I thought of a another way to work on a well balanced wardrobe. I force myself to answer a few questions which sound like, does this fit in with the rest of my wardrobe? Does it fit my style? Will I still want to wear it in a year, or two years from now? All questions that lead me to my latest, well considered buy: my new bomber jacket from Maison Scotch.

Bomber jacket, Maison Scotch. 

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Team Birkenstock


It took me quite some time, but I’m officially on team Birkenstock. While they still remind me of grandpa sandals, the ones worn with wool socks for that matter, they actually have a certain amount of flair to them. When it comes to footwear I do love myself a good pair of heels, but lately I’m being slightly pulled to more comfort. So I must say one of the perks of wearing those Birkenstocks is just that, comfort. And when you come to think of it, honestly they do go with practically anything. Image these with a pair of slouchy pants, shorts, overalls or even a dress. Convinced yet?

Top, Maison Scotch;  Jeans, Ralph Lauren Denim Supply;  Sandals, Birkenstock. 

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Classic blue


We all talk about several must haves in ones wardrobe. Think, a little black dress, a pair of good fitting jeans, comfortable sneakers, a basic pump in any color also, and so on. In my opinion, an underestimated one, is the blue, or white if you may, classic shirt.

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Tiny jewelry


While I was always very much an earring kind of person, necklaces and bracelets not so much, times changed, as did my personal style. Nowadays I practically don’t leave the house without any silver jewels around my arm. Although I’m not a big fan of combining silver and gold, I do like to play around a bit by stacking different sliver strings like these.

Skull bracelet, Unkown;  Joy bracelet,  Anna + Nina. 

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Hat to toe


Not the best day to wear a hat probably, the wind almost blew it straight in the canal, but this one is way too pretty to be left at home. Even when I’m inside of the house I find myself constantly wearing it. The thing about wearing this hat, any hat for that matter, is that you do not need a lot of anything else. It adds an instant chic to this head to toe casual look.

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