Amazing Asia, Laos

A three month trip brings along a whole lot of highlights, memories and above all photo’s. In the Amazing Asia travel journals I’ll be sharing those exact things with you. Today’s destination: Laos.

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Flares and Furla


For years I have been religiously living in my skinny jeans. The tighter the better, I believe my motto was back then. Somewhere along the way I realized that a looser fit doesn’t necessarily makes you look boyish – and even when it does, I came to find the thin line between menswear and womenswear more and more exiting.

I started playing with shapes instead of only with materials and since then loved wearing pantaloons and (slim)boyfriend jeans. However the reinvention of the flared pants scared me a bit at first.

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New Furla friend

I remember Furla for their transparent rainbow-colored bowling bags. They were a big hype when I was younger and when I just got a bit interested in fashion. I never bought one – to be honest, I’m happy about that now – but ever since I spotted the Furla mini bags I knew I couldn’t let these pass me by so easily. I finally got my hands on this blue friend last week – sort of a belated christmas present to myself – and I couldn’t be happier. Expect to see a lot of this blue stunner the upcoming weeks.

Bag, Furla Julia Crossbody. 

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